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After the international success of the "III Vintage Underwater Cameras Meeting", organised by BUCAM and the "VI Jornadas de Buceo Vintage" organised by HDSES that took place in Lloret de Mar (Girona) on the 16th, 17th and 18th of September 2022, this year we would like to gather again we would like to congregate a bigger audience, with more and improved activities. In the edition was attended and participated by friends and members of the Historical Diving Societies of Spain, USA, France, Germany and Holland.


English version: VINTAGE DIVING DAYS

Versión en español: JORNADAS BUCEO VINTAGE

For this year's edition, there are new features in terms of content and activities and will take place on 22, 23 and 23 September 2023.

We have also changed the name of the event, unifying it, which is now called Vintage MedSub 2023, which consists of two very different, but at the same time fully integrated aspects:

On the one hand, we will have a "Diving Days with historical equipment", in charge of the Spanish Association for the History of Diving - HDSES, where we claim the recovery, protection, promotion and eventual use of historical equipment, relevant in the history of diving. We believe that we have to be guardians of this part of the underwater heritage so that the new generations can get to know and learn to appreciate this equipment.

At the same time, these sessions are also dedicated to the world of historical underwater images, at the initiative of the historical underwater images at the initiative of the Barcelona Underwater Camera Museum (BUCAM). In the same way as in vintage diving, we also claim the discovery, identification, repair, divulgation, conservation and use of all types of vintage cameras for underwater image, their accessories, the images themselves and also of underwater cinema on the big screen of all periods.

But... What arguments does Lloret de Mar have for classic diving and especially for underwater image? In 1946, Dr. Ernest Adler (1906-1996), a Czech-German who lived in this town in the Girona area, built the first underwater watertight boxes for terrestrial photo and film cameras in Spain. With his Bolex 16mm film camera, "protected" by a handmade housing made of wood and glass, he made a documentary that won the first prize at the Spanish Amateur Film Festival of 1947. Quite a feat at that time!!!

As a tribute to this pioneer and scientist (Doctor in Dentistry and Neurofocal Medicine), we have created the Dr. Ernest Adler Trophy, we have instituted the Dr. Ernest Adler Trophy, for underwater images captured with vintage cameras, from pre-digital times, this year will be its 2nd edition. Dr. Ernest Adler Award

Lloret de Mar is also one of the most visited beach and sun tourism destinations in Europe for the last 70 years visited in Europe for the last 70 years. It is a meeting point close to airports (Barcelona and Girona), with rail and road connections, and close to motorways with international connections, with sufficient hotel, restaurant and diving infrastructure.

As Lloret de Mar receives many visitors who use its beaches, the members and enthusiasts of Historical Diving apply the motto "we want to see the sea as we knew it in the past", that is to say, taking advantage of the large number of divers present, we will also carry out a clean-up of the seabed of Lloret de Mar's beaches on the morning of the 24th. This activity will take place within the framework of the "VIII International Seabed and Beach Clean-up of the Marine Watchers' Network, as part of the Libera Project" and as a prelude to the "II Plogging International Congress" that will take place on 7 October 2023 in Lloret de Mar.

Vintage MedSub is initially constituted by BUCAM and HDSES:

BUCAM stands for Barcelona Underwater Camera Museum, the world's largest collection of underwater cameras https://bucam.barcelona. It is a private entity created by Andrés Clarós in 2007, with the aim of recovering and protecting underwater cameras and disclose the history and knowledge of underwater imaging systems. The final objective of BUCAM is the opening of a physical museum with the help and support of administrations and/or private entities. This patrimonial interest has led us to the creation and co-organisation of this conference.

The Spanish Association for the History of Diving (HDSES), https://www.hdses.com/ was created in 2006 by a group of amateur divers in love with diving and its history. Among them were collectors of antique diving equipment. They joined the initiative that already existed in other countries around the world, also as historical diving organisations (HDS or Historical Diving Society) twinned with ours, with similar aims and activities. It is important to highlight the work and perseverance of Juan Torras within the HDSES, who has been the real "alma mater" of this association from the beginning. The HDSES has been present in a multitude of events related to vintage diving and its techniques, has reedited diving books already out of print, has participated in exhibitions and Dive Shows. This year, is co-organising a new edition of this conference.

In this second edition, the guest of honour will be the Historical Diving Society of France HDS-FR, as we wish to strengthen links with the different HDS around the world with their participation in this and future events.

We are also fortunate to be able to count on the support of the municipal services and brigades and the Lloret de Mar Local Police. We will also have the unconditional support of the Subaquatic Unit and the Maritime Police of the Mossos de d'Esquadra.

Enter the Vintage MedSub International EVENT to register and see the programme of activities and conferences.

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Albert Hernández

Captain of the Underwater Unit of Mossos d'Esquadra. Vice-president of FECDAS - Catalan Federation of Underwater Activities.

Foto Pep Fillat

Fernando Aguirre

Head of the Special Group of Underwater Activities of the Guardia Civil, Gerona.

Foto El País Girona - 16 AGO 2012

Françoise Brun

Video cameraman, deep-sea diver. Writer and organiser of the Underwater Archaeology Festival of Colliure-SUBCAM.

Foto o-dive.com

Luc Fuster

Collector of La Spirotechnique material.


Margaret Cohen

Professor at Stanford University. Author of several books. Expert on the history of the sea and commercial underwater cinema.

Foto El País Girona - 16 AGO 2012

Juan Gómez Lorente

Specialist in naval image recognition and identification systems, regular contributor to EL SNORKEL, Latin American Diving Community.

Hector Salvador

Operations director of Triton Submarines LLC.

Christian Petron

Underwater cameraman. Film and underwater image director. President of Cinemarine

Juan A. Fernández

Cameraman specialising in high-speed film, stereographic film and underwater cinema.

 Panorama Audiovisual

Vintage Underwater Photography Exhibition

Photos in competition, if you want to participate see the conditions, requirements and rules. click here...

Jean Michelle Mille

Winning Photograph of the Dr Ernest Adler Trophy for Vintage Underwater Photography

Nikonos V + 15 mm - Port Cros - France

"Un message por la Mer"

Francisco Candela de Ory

Winning Photograph of the Dr Ernest Adler Trophy for Vintage Underwater Photography

Nikonos III - Isla Mujeres - México


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Trohy Dr. Ernest Adler

Exhibition of Underwater Photography with Vintage Cameras

Participate with your photos!


  • 3 photographs must be submitted for each gallery.
  • The photos must necessarily have been taken with analogue, vintage or retro cameras, prior to 2000.
  • The photographs must be originals by the author.
  • All photographic works shall be of underwater motifs and/or taken underwater.
  • They must be submitted digitised in JPEG format and in a minimum recommended size of 4500x3000 pixels. Unless there is a possibility of high quality and uncompressed formats, tiff, raw or dng, etc.
  • The ratio shall be the same as a 36 mm negative or slide, i.e. 3x2. Reframing at this ratio is permitted.
  • The age of the photo capture will be taken into account.
  • The file must not bear any kind of signature and/or identification or watermark.
  • No scenes of suspected mistreatment or manipulation of the species shall be allowed.


  • ​Deadline for receiving files: Sunday 10 September 2023 - 23:00 hours.
  • ​Registration for the competition will be final after receipt of the files sent to the following e-mail address photovintage@vintagemedsub.es through wetransfer.com or swisstransfer.com
  • For organisational reasons and in order to improve communication between the organisation and the participants, the latter will be automatically subscribed to the website's blog hdses.com as soon as they fill in the entry form. In this way, you will receive all the latest news and updates on this edition of the Dr. Ernest Adler Vintage Photography Award in the email address you have used to enter the competition.
  • The organisers, in accordance with the established rules of copyright law, consider the works submitted to the Dr. Ernest Adler Vintage Photography Trophy to be free of any artistic or other proprietary rights that may be held by a third party. By virtue of their participation in the Dr. Ernest Adler Vintage Photography Trophy, the authors undertake to guarantee to the organisers that the works submitted are free of copyright. The responsibility for any claims that may be brought against the submitted works lies solely and exclusively with the authors. The organisers of the Dr. Ernest Adler Vintage Photography Trophy can in no way be held liable in the event of any dispute or litigation.
  • Copies of the photographs will be exhibited during the Dr. Ernest Adler Vintage Photography Trophy and auctioned at the end of the event for the benefit of the Spanish Diving History Association-HDSES.
  • Participants authorise the duplication of their works to the archives of the Dr. Ernest Adler Vintage Photography Trophy and the use of their works on the HDSES website and social networks, as well as to use them to promote the Dr. Ernest Adler Vintage Photography Trophy, but without giving rise to a royalty payment or compensation of any kind.
  • The decisions of the organisers (HDSES and BUCAM) are final. Participation in the Dr. Ernest Adler Vintage Photography Trophy implies acceptance of all the conditions set out in these regulations.
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Diving Helmet

Jacques Abdoun Team

Diver since 1969. He will wear an original Siebe Gorman 6-bolt helmet (1958).


David Dekker Team

Military diver since 1983, his first dive was with a Siebe Gorman 6-bolt as well.



Juan Torras Team

Professional diver, instructor, owner of underwater works company, collector of helmets. He brings an original Soviet helmet BK50 (1941).


Antique Dive Helmets​

Diver of Honor 2023

It is the highest award given by the Spanish Association for the History of Diving and this year it will go to the person of

 Alberto Vázquez-Figueroa

Prolific writer, journalist, inventor and adventurer. One of the first diving instructors to serve on board the training ship "Cruz del Sur". He participated in the difficult underwater recovery of victims of the Ribadelago disaster in 1959. Author, among many others, of the cult novel among divers based on his own experiences: "Under 7 Seas". It is a privilege to be able to present him with this award.

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